[Bookreader] Feedbooks metadata and collections

Samuel Klein meta.sj at gmail.com
Wed Mar 4 16:54:56 EST 2009

I've been in touch with Hadrien Gardeur, who maintains feedbooks.com,
a site offering many formats of great public works.

We talked mainly about improving epub support on the XO; though it
might be interesting for them to include single-work .xol formats of
their html books.

It would be useful to automatically produce collection bundles from a
set of feedbooks URLs, since they  have an API for getting the
[epub/html] work and its metadata for generating the index.  They also
want to get feedback from the creation process so that authors or
uploaders of works can benefit from the classifications/tags of
collections in which they are included.

I hope Hadrien will join this list soon and join in the discussion.


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