[Bookreader] Epub and Read

Rebecca Hargrave Malamud webchick at invisible.net
Mon Jun 15 12:04:52 EDT 2009


I just got back from an Open Library developers meeting last week, 
but did not get the opportunity to talk to Peter (I attended the 
second week of the conference) - although I did talk to Raj Kumar 
about the state of GnuBook integration and the XO.

I definitely want to support existing work with an eye on the future, 
so we will create bundles using the formats that are currently 
supported, plus do some next-step development. My understanding is 
that if we use any of the formats that you listed our only option for 
distribution will be web-based (or OLPC server-based), as the XO-1 
machines will not have the capacity to store the data.

Best regards,

Rebecca Malamud

PS. is a link available for the OPDS mailing list?

At 4:09 PM +0530 6/15/09, Sayamindu Dasgupta wrote:
>Hi Rebecca,
>On Fri, Jun 12, 2009 at 10:57 PM, Rebecca Hargrave
>Malamud<webchick at invisible.net> wrote:
>>  Hello, Sayamindu -
>>  I am working with a group in Oregon to create bundles of the IACL books for
>>  the OLPC XO. I am looking for some guidance on what the best format is to
>>  provide the books in since it looks like we will need to work within the XO
>>  Read activity offline environment (I did some initial work on this as an
>>  online web demonstration using GnuBook -
>>  http://openlibrary.org/olpc/bookreader?format=raw ) .
>>  This post is very useful to get me started - thank you! I am looking forward
>>  to the public code and will watch the list(s) for details.
>>  Best regards,
>>  Rebecca Malamud
>At the moment, especially if you want to target current builds, Read supports
>a) PDF
>b) DJVU
>c) PS
>d) CBZ (which, I believe is similar to format used by GnuBook - a set
>of jpg scans in a zip container)
>Epub support is coming, but it will be available in a future version
>of Read, with the dependency being a newer version of webkit, so I
>think if you are considering current deployments, it may make more
>sense to do PDF.
>Of course, for handling Epub in current builds, we have the FBReader
>Activity, but unfortunately it has limited support for Epub, in the
>sense, that it does not (yet) fully support CSS.
>Sayamindu Dasgupta


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