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Rebecca Hargrave Malamud webchick at invisible.net
Fri Jun 12 13:27:51 EDT 2009

Hello, Sayamindu -

I am working with a group in Oregon to create bundles of the IACL 
books for the OLPC XO. I am looking for some guidance on what the 
best format is to provide the books in since it looks like we will 
need to work within the XO Read activity offline environment (I did 
some initial work on this as an online web demonstration using 
GnuBook - http://openlibrary.org/olpc/bookreader?format=raw ) .

This post is very useful to get me started - thank you! I am looking 
forward to the public code and will watch the list(s) for details.

Best regards,

Rebecca Malamud

At 4:44 AM +0530 6/11/09, Sayamindu Dasgupta wrote:
>Hi all,
>I have been working on getting Epub support into Read, and here is the
>first screenshot:
>It is not based on Evince, but on webkit (I had tried to implement a
>backend for Evince, but lack of well defined pagination in many
>(most??) Epub files, along with the relative difficulty of rendering
>HTML for evince (with things like text selection/search support)
>forced me to choose the alternative path). I'm trying to make the epub
>view widget follow the evince api as closely as possible, so that it
>can be dropped into Read with minimal effort/changes.
>There is no public code yet - but there will be one soon (probably
>during next week).
>In a somewhat related note, I have been also looking at the draft Open
>Publication Distribution System specs[1], which allows ebook
>distributors to distribute e-books via a Atom XML based catalog
>format. I think it makes sense to support this in Read, as well as in
>the school server, so that we can easily distribute e-books. For
>example, if we have a large e-book collection for a particular
>deployment, it may not make sense to put all of them in individual
>computers - instead allowing the user to browse/search the catalog and
>download the books as and when required would probably be a better
>[1] http://code.google.com/p/openpub/wiki/OPDS
>Sayamindu Dasgupta
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