[Bookreader] welcome to the bookreader list!

Samuel Klein sj at laptop.org
Thu Jan 22 22:43:33 EST 2009

I will resend this in a few days, but here is a welcome to the early

This is a list dedicated to discussion of bookreaders, and building
great (primarily FOSS) readers; not only the XO -- web-based and
offline, pdf-based and image-based, picture-book and text-heavy;
read-only and read-write.  This parallels our wikireader list.  It
should include image readers, pdf readers, animated readers, and more,
javascript and python and flash.

Please invite those you know who are interested in the topic, those
who have created elegant bookreaders or library interfaces in the
past, and those who are working on relevant code, standards, or
usability guides.  An ideal bookreader should be flexible in the
formats in reads, accessible in the outputs it offers, and easily

This discussion should cover both standalone readers and the catalogs,
servers, and caching systems behind them -- with the shared goal of
providing an excellent overall reading experience.

Modern bookreaders -- from futuristic eInk on flexible paper to the
single purpose Kindle and Sony eReader to the XO and purely software
platforms -- all still have major problems; we cannot solve them all,
but perhaps we can come to a unified understanding of underlying
problems and help the next generation of bookreaders excel and restore
the sheer joy of reading to the digital world.

Initial invitations to this list have gone out to a few dozen people
who have evinced interest over the past year; please invite anyone
else who comes to mind.  I will try to send out a suitable welcome to
those I know as they join.


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