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Sayamindu Dasgupta sayamindu at gmail.com
Sat Aug 8 05:24:29 EDT 2009

2009/8/8 NoiseEHC <NoiseEHC at freemail.hu>:
> So accessing the frame in ebook mode - is probably not something you do in
> your ebook workflow (at least on an olpc without touchpad support).
> Correct - and dedicating a frame button on the tablet mode is probably
> something I would not do (we don't have too many buttons accessible in
> tablet mode)
> Incorrect. Since I use the XO-1 for reading ebooks while traveling with
> public transport regurarly, I can clearly see the need for not only frame
> support but for handling the laptop from the keyboard even in ebook mode.
> What important is that volume/brightness level and magnification (and
> anything activity specific) should be available from ebook mode at least via
> some menu (and no submenus please).
> You should not dedicate a full button to this menu, probably holding the
> rotate screen button for 1 sec is the correct method activating this menu
> (which would take over cursor keys and the 4 game buttons), and while the
> menu is on screen, pressing the rotate screen button would hide it. (It also
> requires to activate screen rotation when the rotate screen button is
> released, not when it is pressed. Also it could have some delay so pressing
> 3 times fast in a row would rotate to the other direction, no need to reflow
> and redraw the screen 3 times.)

Holding buttons does not work in current stable builds (both 8.2.x and
F11 based) due to a bug in Xorg (XkbSetDetectableAutoRepeat() does not
seem to work correctly). That's why there is a major crisis of button
real estate in ebook mode right now :-)

Sayamindu Dasgupta

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