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Gonzalo Odiard gonzalo at laptop.org
Wed Jul 4 13:12:31 EDT 2012

Hola a todos,
Alguno de los desarrolladores que usan ubuntu
pueden probar esta propuesta?
Sirve para compilar sugar y tener un entorno de trabajo,
y se supone que funciona en Fedora/Ubuntu.
Si anda/no anda, por favor aclaren que en que version lo probaron.
Estaria bueno para este fin de semana en el PyCamp.


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I now consider sugar-build pretty much feature complete and in a
decent shape bug-wise. Since it doesn't make sense to do a release, I
thought I'd post an update.


* Simple to use

git clone git://git.sugarlabs.org/sugar-build/sugar-build.git
cd sugar-build
make build
make run

will give you a running sugar with fructose activities.

See the README for more targets/commands.

* Works on both Fedora and Ubuntu latest distributions.

* Pretty fast. 10 minutes for a full build (on my recent laptop and
fast internet connection).

* Constantly checked at http://buildbot.sugarlabs.org. We are building
it and running basic integration tests, so you can easily see if the
problem is local or things are temporarily broken. And if you have a
local problem please report it!

* Fully logged. So that if you need to report a bug you can easily
include all the informations necessary to debug the problem.

* Great for dogfooding. We are running sugar in a full X server so you
can use it as your main desktop. And you can develop and run another
sugar-build checkout from inside it.

* Shell command to submit your patches for review (following process
documented in the wiki), with very little setup/options required.

* Test and contribute to the shell port using

Daniel Narvaez
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