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Subject: [IAEP] an ardent proposal to bring *LOVE* back into Sugar Labs
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(1) In-person meetings in between Bostonian
http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Oversight_Board members and Sugar/OLPC
Local Lab Boston, quasimonthly.  Community is neither a buzzword, nor
a fantasy, with Sugar Labs' only 4 active board members now living in
Boston today.  Community is the 132 volunteer members of
http://lists.laptop.org/listinfo/olpc_boston who want to particitepate
in Sugar/OLPC but our promise withers, when accomplished teachers and
volunteers willing to pull their weight, simply don't -- as too many
of us are unintentionally hiding behind our IRC koolaid, yep myself
guilty as charged :)  So it's time to throw a few parties.  And get
over a couple of our antisocial hangups, at all levels of our
organizing.  As our 130+ person high-energy http://olpcSF.org/summit
this past weekend proved far beyond a shadow of a doubt.  As SF's own
amazing hackerspace (http://noisebridge.net) reminded us all late into
the night before.  Sustainable volunteerism == bringing people
together in a physical space, even in Boston!  Like others have
already done globally here: http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Local_Labs .
I made this happen last week in San Francisco for almost 10
valiant-but-poor-volunteers, by lining them up with other more
well-off volunteers, using peer2peer donations instead of bureaucratic
budget molasses.  Next year we can do this for 20 volunteers instead
of 10, if we bring ourselves together.  Meantime: I, Walter, Bernie
and CJB (etc) can do our Boston and Global community a gigantic favor
if we Get Out More right here at home :)  Learning (i.e. healthy)
communities live or die based on the Rhythm their members create --
physical bonds feed online bonds and vice versa.  Let us begin now.
Progress beckons: Walter, Bernie & I will meet all together Thurs
(tomorrow) for the first time in about a year, to discuss our
breakthrough community catapult in SF, even before SF's Mayor issued
his proclamation:

(2) Democracy does NOT grow on trees, or in the back of stale
legalistic texts.  It is the worst form of governance, if we believe
Churchill, and accordingly I and Sugar Labs' Oversight Board have been
negligent in not getting folks fired up about the current election
process, failing to bringing strong awareness around precise key
election dates, even understanding it ourselves!  I personally
consider both to be constitutional duty: the cleanest elections happen
when we enable get-out-the-vote mobilizations of all kind, enabling
expression and reflection AKA learning.  Disturbing evidence I've
uncovered in the past 24hrs is that board members themselves I've
spoken to privately remain confused about nomination/election dates,
confused about duration of terms, confused about lame
duck/impeachment/replacement/re-invitation procedures for the several
absentee board members already gone.  Pity our rank+file volunteer
just trying to get some work done, or get fired up about our so-sweet
possibilities!  Now drowning in this unadvertised/undecided election
machinery-- No more!  I suggest we start with Informed Consent,
meaning strong advance awareness of all deadlines and voting times --
that we hopefully all together agree to publicize very directly off:


(3) One specific proposal around strengthening awareness of Sugar
Labs' election clearly, widely and far more passionately, with all
dates clearly layed out, right off the uniquely memorable page above
-- was advanced by Luke Faraone (administering the election) earlier
this evening.  Walter Bender says he would agree to support Luke's
proposal to extend registration (welcoming quality candidates &
eligible voters both) until something like Nov 10th 23:59 EST, if the
election itself was delayed until approximately Nov 14-27, IF our
broad community and board agrees this will all deepen our
Participative process, strengthen who we are, illustrate our shared
sacrifice -- and most importantly: waken our family and friends to our
cause.  Yes, I'm paraphrasing, Walter please speak for yourself :)
In any case, for me clearness-in-democracy is non-negotiable, as is
our blessed responsibility to stay young, Meaningfully open (Lovable
too please!) while at last growing up as a 2008-2012 organization, as
this election will now decide.  I support Luke's above thoughtful
proposal and hope others will too, enhancing it ideally if you can,
but most important all speaking our consciences towards deciding
quickly and carefully, however we proceed.

(4) First kill all the lawyers (but please Shakespeare DO read our
"SFC by-laws" at
http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Sugar_Labs/SFC-SugarLabs_Agreement and
http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Sugar_Labs/Members/List carefully before
the light goes out :)  And if a board meeting is needed to finalize
any electoral learning learning consensus(es) emerging above, or
similar/otherwise, please Walter/CJB schedule this very quickly before
I go offline most of Sat Oct 30 to Sun Nov 14 to volunteer building
http://blueTarpSchool.blogspot.com in Haiti.

(5) I Love Haiti, but can't promise
Sugar/OLPC/Realness/FabLab/Whatever Local Lab Port-au-Prince just yet
on this trip -- but I *will* do what I can to convince my traveling
companion (Tim Falconer, http://waveplace.com/news/blog ) rest you

(6) Fall in Love again, it won't hurt I promise... it might even
hopefully spur you to add your name here:
IAEP -- It's An Education Project (not a laptop project!)
IAEP at lists.sugarlabs.org


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