[Argentina] We want to create our local Sugar Labs Argentina.-

Gustavo Ibarra ibarrags at gmail.com
Thu Oct 22 00:46:01 EDT 2009

Hello everybody.

I´m writting in the name of argentinian people who have periodic meetings,
which we call "Sugar Days Argentina"

We are forming a community of software developers and teachers of the area
who are interested in exchanging experiences and learn about XO computers
and tne platform.

We are focusing in the following objectives:
* To do periodic meetings with real objectives and activities.
* To invite people who want to work.
* To work in the use of computers specially in models destinated to
education projects called 1:1.
* To share work with other developers, specially with teachers who use this
programs and can tell us their educational vision.
* To look for the best way to colaborate on line with other current projects
(of laboratories or research university group or independent entrepeneur).
* To generate different working groups with the same aims but with different
specific areas of applicattions:Python, Etoys, Fedora/SUGAR/SoaS.

We would like to reach in the short and intermediate time the following:
* To keep active in argentina the spirit of working in: OLPC and SUGAR LAB
* To interact with pre existant experiences such as : Sugars Lab's, PERU
* To help to have more XO's in classrooms in Argentina and ....to create
SUGAR LABS in Argentina.

*We ask permission to create our local Sugar Lab for Argentina, as members
of the Sugar Labs comunity, accepting and respecting MEMORANDUM OF
UNDERSTANDING http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Deployment_Team/Local_Lab_MOU and
the appropiate use of the LOGO
If you need more information, please write to the list
argentina at lists.laptop.org  or to my personal email,


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