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Join One Laptop per Child and Sugar Labs tomorrow in Manhattan, for a very
thoughtful afternoon on how we're enabling kids worldwide with new kinds of
education & learning!  Please invite friends.

Learning innovators, Software carpenters, Intl Development veterans,
Community Marketing geniuses, Usability experts, Local teachers, Grassroots
organizers, Hardware tinkerers, Artists, Quality/Support gurus -- All

Read Mike Lee's beautiful intro to our NY City Community Summit:

    Amping Up OLPC in NYC: Community Summit Nov 21

New Draft Schedule: (please hack the below schedule into
http://wiki.laptop.org/go/OLPC_NYC !!)

    12:30PM - early birds organize room (133 West 46th St, 3rd Flr)

    1PM - Mike Lee - 30min - OLPC/Sugar backgrounder, DC experience & 2010
opportunities (arrive on time for our special guest!)
               Sameer Verma - 5min - San Francisco's similarly path-breaking
               Caroline Meeks - 10min - Learning Goals, how Sugar supports
them, Teacher Training: http://prezi.com/cv5do02tj-0y
               Adam Holt - 5min - Community Innovation for All (perspectives
from my current 6-country OLPC/Sugar Learning journey)

    2PM - Everyone introduces themselves, their perspective/questions on
where we are after 2 years
               Everyone will be asked to vote for 1 NYC community idea they
feel will have traction over the coming 2 years

    2:40 - Three brainstorming sessions, separately around {tech, teaching,
twitteriffic etc}
               How can NYC spur local projects(s) with structured
               Can NYC use its place in the world to help build worldwide
               Where can you connect with Specific Overseas Community? (EG.
our hosts at Church of St Mary the Virgin have strong Honduras ties, as do
several OLPC volunteers who will be in attendance!)

    3:20 -  Everyone re-congregate, explaining "on-whiteboard" your team's
Conclusions / Strategies

    4PM - Clean up - depart for drinks/dinner nearby!

We'll readjust around San Francisco's simultaneous West Cost events live as
nec, wherever Professor Sameer Verma there feels Skype/IRC uplinks fit in
around his own *awesome* and evolving daylong agenda:


Please also jump into the online discussion and help our volunteer-driven
movement organize here:

    http://lists.laptop.org/listinfo/olpc-nyc   (mailing list)
    http://forum.laptop.org/chat   (live chat, ask a question anytime,
during busiest times of day)


IAEP -- It's An Education Project (not a laptop project!)
IAEP at lists.sugarlabs.org

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