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Fri Nov 7 06:25:06 EST 2008

800km afar Buenos Aires
Dear Organization=2C
we move up a school and a home-residence for underprivilegeds children.
My name is Cristina Crespo=2C I'm a Sister "Hija de Maria Ausiliadora" and =
I'd  know the project of Nicholas Negroponte "One Laptop for Child" tanks t=
o Doc. Leticia Soberon=2C general coordinator of informatic net of Latin Am=
erica's Churcs. She introduced this project in Rome=2C where now are assemb=
led Sisters "Hijas de Maria Ausiliadora".
We would like to know how recive the contribution from OLPC.
      Un abrazo patagonico
                 Hna Cristina=20

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