[Argentina] [OLPC Brasil] Saída de Walter Bender e OLPC diz que poderá usar só windows XP

Walter Bender walter.bender at gmail.com
Sat Apr 26 07:52:02 EDT 2008

> Voltemos ao que funciona e ao que é padrão: a Web.

With all due respect, the web, for all of its wonders, is for the most
part a destination, not a tool for collaboration. The problem is
two-fold: (1) you need access to the web to take advantage of it; and
(2) the vast majority of the web is read-only.

Learning is more than access to knowledge--it is putting that
knowledge to work and engaging in a critical dialog with others about
your expression. While undeniably the web can fulfill much of this, it
is still more a dream than a reality for most and the lack of access
is going to remain a barrier for many many years. Think of Sugar as a
way of providing peer-to-peer collaboration--inspired by the web--but
able to function in the reality of intermittent connectivity.

Please help make Sugar better.


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