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Liberty League International, Work At Home - Article Marketing

The new work at home trend is sweeping across the globe with the assistance
of the Internet. Whether the work at home business is local or
international, it does pose unique marketing problems.

There are three inherent problems to most internet marketing ventures. First
problem is a lack of money. The second is a lack of credibility. The third
is a lack of time. Every hour spent on marketing is priceless. All
businesses have marketing issues, but work at home has the added problem of
being invisible. There is no office, store front, no sales people, or
telephone listing to bring clients to the business.

All most work at home businesses and professionals have is the internet.
However, web pages are only a final destination. They do not come up in
Google searches as often as content heavy websites or blogs.

However, there is one way to tackle the time, credibility, and lack of cash
problem in one swoop ? writing articles.

The World Wide Web provides many ways to launch a marketing campaign without
spending money. At the moment, content is King. All the search engines hunt
for relevant, up to date content. In fact, they are so desperate for new
content that they change the rules every year so they can 'tag' sites that
have remained unchanged for several months, or years.

A top website will change almost weekly. This is where free web content
comes in. To succeed, a business needs to use free content, and write free

Using free content builds a keyword base that search engines can use to
bring the site up in searches. If a website does not change, it will stop
appearing in the search engine search results. No SEO trick will prevent
this from happening. But there is not enough time to write two or three
articles each week. That is why webmasters have turned to free content sites
for their articles.

However, articles can also build a work at home business' credibility. Write
one article every couple of weeks and post it to as many free content sites
as you have time to. Publishers will lift these articles and put them on
their websites. This is like handing business cards out. Each one has the
ability of bringing visitors back to your website.

These articles double as pre-selling tools, and to build credibility, but
only if they are well written. That is why some savvy business owners hire
professional writers to write their content. A professional writer in a
niche can write better content, in less time, and a work at home business
owner can.

Find a writer in the same niche as the business. An example may be property
investing and management, or mortgages and debt news. These writers keep up
with the daily news. They often have 'press' passes into organizations
giving them cutting edge information.

Never hire a 'I can write anything' writer. All they will do is go to the
free content sites and rewrite what is already there. This may work as a
pre-selling tool, but it will not build credibility for the business, or the
business owner.

Research is the key to credibility. Don't surf for information on a certain
niche ? surf the news. Every time something new happens, write about it.
This will attract publishers and build a loyal following.

Do not forget the resource box at the end of the article, with a link back
to a landing page on your website.



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