[Aop] Nick Lyustiger, Internet and Computer Systems in the FOREX Business

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Nick Lyustiger, Internet and Computer Systems in the FOREX Business

With every passing year the interest in electronic trading is bigger, more
especially trading shares and currency through Internet. A new profession
came forward – this of the currency dealer. The appearance of this
profession was caused by the full force of development of Internet, which
enabled the exchange business to be carried over at home or at the office.
The electronic platforms offered by banks and investment brokers enables all
of us to go in the sea of the financial markets and to start living a
difference and unknown by this moment way of life.

The development of the computer technologies, the program security and the
telecommunications, as the same as the grown experience, raises the
qualification level of the brokers. It it's turn this raises the belief of
the brokers in their own abilities to benefit and to lower the risk while
operating. That's why the higher level of the trading qualification leads to
a higher level of trade amount.

The introducing of automated dealing systems at the eighties, as the same as
co-coordinating systems in the beginning of the internet trading at the end
of the nineties, entirely changes the standard methods of currency trading.
The dealing systems are online computer systems which integrate the banks in
a united net while the co-coordinating systems become electronic brokers.
The dealing systems are more reliable and much more effective which enables
the dealers to realize a bigger number of concurrent transactions. Moreover,
they are safer as far as the dealers can observe the executors of the
transactions. Thanks to their reliability, speed and safety, the dealing
systems are playing cardinal role in the expansion of the currency business.

The using of computers is taking a substantial role at many stages in the
realizing of the currency business. In addition to the dealing systems the
co-coordinating systems connect together the dealers all over the world in
this way building up an electronic brokers market. The new office systems
are ensuring a full account report, filling vouchers, keeping secretary
work, procedures of lowering the risk and they account the expense for their
acquisition. The present-day program products afford an opportunity to be
generated all types of graphics, adding theoretically well-grounded
technical indicators and favour the dealer for lon lasting using with
comparatively low expense.

The using of Internet makes the financial information about the currency
markets, currency indexes and prognoses about the rate of exchange, easy
accessible all over the world. Now there are many websites with financial
information. A big role in the currency trading has the rate exchange. The
speed of the electronic post makes it possible getting these prognoses in a
moment. If you take out a subscription to such a service, you can get
prognoses of rate-exchange by electronic post every day. Such a service you
can find at the following address:

Eric Cooper is moderator of Internet Forex Club which provide to it's
members useful forex forecasting and trade recommendation service. You can
join the site at the following URL:
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