[Aop] copyright, copyleft, licenses, and "public domain"

Doug Jones djsdl at frombob.to
Sun Mar 4 15:19:00 EST 2007

As near as I can tell, all of the bits of software on the OLPC are 
released under various Open Source licenses, and cannot be considered 
"public domain".  Copyright laws provide the only legal means of 
enforcing such licenses.


Here is states that

"All activities undertaken as a result of contacts made through this 
OLPC Foundation Volunteer Service must be done on a strictly volunteer 
basis and all intellectual property generated as a part of this Service 
will be considered in the public domain and therefore not subject to any 
royalty or copyright fee."

This would seem to imply that people who participate in the Volunteer 
Service will be unable to make any contributions to the software side of 

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