[Activities] new activity, RoadMap

pgf at laptop.org pgf at laptop.org
Sun Sep 7 17:25:02 EDT 2008

christoph wrote:
 > Sweet, thanks so much Paul!
 > I've just downloaded the activity and toyed around with it on my XO. Seems
 > to work pretty well, however I have no idea how to access the Brno maps
 > since a search for city: Brno and city:Brno && state:Czech Republic doesn't
 > work. But San Francisco is also nice to look at! :-)

oops.  well, i said it was "rough".  yes, the trouble is that currently
there's no way for roadmap to look up geographic places from OSM data --
that only works for data from the US Tiger data.  you need to find OSM
places via "Find by Position", and enter the lat/lon.  that's another one
for the todo list, i guess.

 > Also corrected one link on the [[RoadMap]] page and added two screenshots,
 > unfortunately I somewhat broke the layout of the page in the process and
 > have no idea how to fix it. (How hard can it be to add two images next to
 > each other? 20min into the game I'm no smarter!)

i'll take a look, but having had to create that page in the first place,
i confess i'm not surprised!

 paul fox, pgf at laptop.org

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