[Activities] ShoeBot (a free software DrawBot implementation) is out! Time to Sugarize some Ruby apps?

S Page info at skierpage.com
Tue Nov 11 05:22:28 EST 2008

I tried some of the graphics libraries that use JavaScript + the 
<canvas> tag in Browse:

* http://azarask.in/projects/algorithm-ink/
* http://glimr.rubyforge.org/cake/canvas.html
* http://ejohn.org/apps/processing.js/examples/basic/
* more examples at 

Unfortunately, Algorithm Ink (the most fun site to play around in) is 
deathly slow on the XO-1.  The JavaScript and cairo tuning in Gecko 
1.9.1 (the core of Firefox 3.1) should help.

=S Page

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