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Anthony Asael anthonyasael at artinallofus.org
Thu Aug 14 23:11:15 EDT 2008

Thank Samuel. I am a huge supporter of brining awareness through fun game
including pictures. I am willing to help in anyway I can.

Keep us informed of the next steps.





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Anthony -- These images of children are amazing...  thanks again for the
offer.  To the games list: is there anyone interested in helping port this
sort of game for offline use?   I bet imagequiz could be tweaked to do this
more smoothly.

The corwd at the physics jam in a couple weeks might have their own ideas
about what to do with images.
 <http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Physics_Jam>   wiki.laptop.org/go/Physics_Jam


Anthony Asael <anthonyasael at artinallofus.org> wrote:

Hi !

I am definitely open to more images. We have a 160,000+ number of images
from 175+ countries. We have infinite options to have the kids entertain AND
learn !
I think it is also a pretty simple game to develop for a developer. Does the
OLPC have somebody in their team to help in that ?



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